In the fall and winter you can often face the fact that there is nothing to do at home, especially if you want to spend your free time with purpose, and not passively pass it by the TV or watching the next movie on your laptop.


Surely, many are familiar with the situation when a joint interesting activity to find is not easy, and sit all evening, spend on your phone or tablet, do not want both. But there is not enough fantasy to change the situation.


Do not worry, we have forgotten about it for you. Choose a way to your liking and proceed to its realization.

For convinced gamers

If you are bored with “Monopoly”, bingo, chess and “Erudite”, then it’s time to switch to more exciting modern games. For example, the game “Machi Koro”, which first conquered Japan, and then half the world.


You can feel yourself in the role of mayor of a small Japanese city, which is to turn into a successful metropolis. To do this, you will have to actively upset enterprises, and collect profits from them, and then use the collected money to build attractions. The one who managed to build all 4 attractions and become the “Best Mayor of the city”.


Do you dream of visiting Vegas and love the atmosphere of casinos? You can go to Gambino Slot with your other half and get into the virtual Las Vegas and try your hand at different machines.


You can choose any theme that interests you, such as James Bond movies or ancient Greece. You can set your own rules and play until you win.


And Love Message, which, like a deck of cards, can fit in your pocket and help pass the time even on the road, has won every imaginable world award in the field of board games.


It really is so addictive that it will be hard to tear yourself away from it once you start playing. A real palace intrigue that can teach you how to bluff, turn on your wits, experience the excitement and try to learn how to lead a calibrated tactics.


According to the plot of the game in one of the palaces of the city of Tempesta lives a princess and many knights are trying to get her favor. However, the girl can’t leave her chambers, so the only way out is to write secret love messages to the princess and weave intrigues against the other suitors, making them self-liquidate.


But there are not so many ways to harm your rivals, because there are only 16 cards of different denominations in the deck, on which there are 8 characters, each of which has its own “special effects”. In the end, the player who collects the most cards, leveling the opponent wins.


If you want to answer the eternal question “who is smarter: men or women”, then play the fascinating game “Battle of the Sexes”.


On the cards are written several questions from the strictly “female” or “male” vocabulary. Try to guess how many holes there are in a billiard ball and what a “curvimeter” is (interestingly, this is not a sophisticated swear word at all, but a nerve end meter, which can be seen in the office of an investigator).

For creative individuals

A great idea to get away from the daily hustle and bustle, get rid of stress, develop fine motor skills and even realize your creative abilities is digital painting or painting pictures. Go to the store or market and choose an image to your liking. The set includes a picture on canvas and paints.


And at home, get to work. After sitting a few evenings over your little masterpiece, you will not only plunge into joint creativity, but then you can put the picture in a frame and decorate the room.


Another relaxing entertainment for adults – anti-stress coloring books. They help to put your thoughts in order and calm your nerves. Interesting and intricate patterns, flowers and lace can be colored endlessly with pencils, felt-tip pens, multi-colored gel pens, constantly experimenting and selecting different color combinations.


The most popular of them are by British illustrator Joanna Basford “Mysterious Garden” and “Mysterious Forest”, American artist Christina Rose “Wings of Dreams” and others. The books can be bought in the store or printed from the Internet.


The ironic “Coloring Books for Adults” by Ryan Hunter and Taije Jensen deserve special attention. They are generously flavored with sarcasm and more like educational books for children, only the tasks in them are very much not childish.


For example: to draw evidence at the scene of a crime, in an empty mirror to depict the person you would like to become in childhood, but never decided, to draw friends to a lonely workaholic, etc.


Interestingly, the coloring book contains all the vices of our time, which will allow you to look at yourself and your life from the outside and not only laugh at yourself, but also think about what is worth changing in it.

For active natures and rationalizers

Of course, you can assemble a huge puzzle with a landscape of 1000 elements, but this entertainment has long been a tradition for many couples. No one argues that such a pastime is fascinating, and the end result can be hung in a frame and admire the fruits of their labors.


But there is an even more interesting activity for those who want to test their strength – to construct prefabricated models. In addition to tanks and hang gliders, which will be more interesting to men, there are still wooden ships and brigantines and even houses made of ceramics, plastic fortresses and castles, you can even recreate the famous castle of Lancelot. The end result will leave no one indifferent.

For dreamers and adventurers

Daydreaming is also a great pastime. But you can turn your dreams into a real, detailed plan of action. For example, search at your leisure for countries you’ve long wanted to travel to.


And now it’s time to work out in detail the possibility of getting there. For example, look for low-cost low-cost flights together, an opportunity to get to a cherished point on the map with minimal expenses. Look for hotels and hostels, where for a little money you can comfortably stay.


Study forums and take the advice of experienced travelers. Make a detailed plan, starting from leaving home and ending with your return. Be inspired by the stories of those who have traveled halfway around the world with a couple hundred dollars in their pockets.

For incorrigible gourmets

If you love not only to eat delicious food, but dream to get acquainted with the cuisines of the world, but there is no possibility to travel, then you will surely like this way.


A themed evening can become not just romantic, but also informative. Decide together what kind of culinary journey you want to make – to India, to Italy, to France or China. Find recipes of national cuisine, make a menu and then a list of necessary ingredients for cooking culinary delights and go shopping together.


Cooking together isn’t just faster, it’s also much more fun – it’s incredibly bonding. In order to maximize immersion in the culture of the country whose cuisine you have fallen in love with, you can print and hang photos of the main attractions, prepare interesting facts about the state.


This way you will be able to enjoy delicious food and learn a lot of new things.