We all know that papers are the foundation for crafting a stellar doobie. Suitable rolling papers optimize airflow, burn rate, ash quality, and flavor – totally enhancing your smoking experience.

There’s a wide world of papers out there, ranging from common generic brand wraps to artisan specialty sheets with fancy effects.

It’s not easy for a novice roller to select from so many options. That’s why you should check out the key criteria for discerning the best rolling papers for your personal preferences and smoking style.

Materials Matter

Rolling papers are made from a range of materials, each with distinct properties to consider:


  • Thin and lightweight
  • Burn slowly for even smoke
  • Higher risk of “canoeing” or uneven burns
  • Light flavor, so good for appreciating cannabis terpenes


  • Made from fibrous industrial hemp plants
  • Slow-burning and ultra-thin
  • Higher cost than other materials
  • Natural, earthy flavor

Wood Pulp

  • The most common rolling paper material
  • Made from recycled wood fibers
  • Affordable price point
  • Can impart papery flavor


  • Translucent papers made with a wood pulp derivative
  • Ultra-thin and slow-burning
  • Naturally adhesive without chemicals
  • Highlights cannabis appearance

Palm Leaves

  • Handmade from dried palm leaves
  • Natural, earthy flavor when burned
  • Biodegradable and ecologically sound
  • Requires some skill to roll due to irregular shape

Try out a few to find your material preference based on flavor, appearance, and rolling experience.

Sizing It Up

Sizing It Up

Rolling papers come in a range of lengths, widths, and sizes to accommodate different smoking needs:

Standard Size

  • 1 1⁄4″ wide
  • Length varies by brand (60-110mm)
  • Fits 0.5-1.5 grams cannabis
  • Ideal for average-sized personal joints

Slim Size

  • More narrow than standard size (3⁄4″ wide)
  • 70-80mm standard length
  • Requires less rolling skill
  • Good for discreet mini joints

Wide Size

  • Wider papers ranging 1 1⁄2″ – 2″
  • Come in longer lengths as well
  • Fit 2 grams+ cannabis
  • Made for sharing bigger joints


  • Pre-cut sections with sticky adhesive strips
  • Easier tearability after rolling
  • Help seal paper seam firmly

Consider the desired joint size and your rolling skill level when selecting the paper size. Novices may want to start slim and work their way up.

Flavor Town

Here’s a fun innovation in recent years – flavored and scented rolling papers! Brands have gotten creative infusing papers with flavors like:

  • Fruit flavors (mango, peach, pineapple, strawberry)
  • Sweets (vanilla, chocolate, honey, caramel)
  • Botanical Terpenes (pine, lavender, tea tree, clove)
  • Cereals (graham crackers, cinnamon toast crunch)

The aroma and flavors range from subtle to quite bold when burned. It adds some novelty and covers up the taste of lower shelf buds.

On the other hand, purists may prefer unbleached paper with zero dyes or scents, focusing solely on the full cannabis flavor. It’s all about your preferences!

Special Effects

How about rolling papers made specifically for sparking up excitement:

Transparent – Clear cellulose or starch papers that allow you to admire the shade and structure of your bud from the outside

Pearlescent – Shimmery papers imparting a touch of shine and shimmer to your rolls

Fluorescent – Papers infused with blacklight-sensitive chemicals that glow under UV lighting – perfect for parties!

Colorful – Bold and vibrant paper colors to make a statement (imagine a neon green or hot pink joint!)

Organic – Chemical- and dye-free for the health-conscious stoner

Themed – Papers with images or logos aligned to various subcultures – great conversation starters! Check your favorite online head shop for fun themes.

Picking Papers for Joints vs Blunts

Here are some key tips for selecting rolling papers specifically for making joints vs blunts:

Joint Rolling Papers

  • Focus on thin and slow burning to avoid canoeing
  • Unbleached materials to taste the cannabis terpenes
  • Slim or standard width to fit 0.5 – 1.5 gram joints
  • Flavored papers complement lower-potency weed
  • Perforated edges make sharing easier

Blunt Wraps

  • Choose wider double or triple-width wraps
  • Look for extra adhesive edges for sealing larger papers
  • Heavier and thicker materials hold up to 2-8 grams!
  • Tobacco or cigar paper offers a complementary flavor
  • Consider fun patterns – go wild with your blunt wrap style!

For joint rollers, think slim and flavorful. For blunt lovers, buy big and bold! Tailor your paper selection to the type of roll you want to create.

How to Choose Rolling Papers – Our Top Ten Tips

It wouldn’t hurt to recap the key criteria for selecting spectacular rolling papers:

  1. Decide if you want to highlight cannabis flavor or add bonus flavors
  2. Determine the ideal paper material (hemp, rice, etc.) for the desired burn rate
  3. Consider width and size needs based on typical joint/blunt size
  4. Peruse fun special effect papers to add visual appeal
  5. Choose accessories like tips and filters to customize rolls
  6. Buy sample paper variety packs to discover new favorites
  7. Invest in quality papers for an optimized smoking experience
  8. Select ecological and chemical-free options if you are health-conscious
  9. Let themes, images, and colors reflect your style
  10. Have fun experimenting with different papers as your rolling skills improve!