The creative ideas born in the heads of employees allow business to develop at a rapid pace. They often arise when the atmosphere in the team is friendly, reflective and positive.

The role of team building and corporate events is to unite team workers so that they can communicate with each other, agree, express their opinions and develop new products with greater ease than they did before.

That is why any company should definitely organize evenings in restaurants or days out in nature.

The regularity of these events depends on how much they increase productivity in an organization. Let’s talk about ideas and themes for a corporate party, because in some cases, there is no more imagination and energy left for it.

Now you will definitely find a reason for fun and good rest! 

Types of corporate parties 

Let’s start with the fact that there are two types of events outside the workplace. These are formal and informal. In the first case, implies a classic, usually a dinner in a restaurant with various contests, delicious food and music that promotes reset.

In the second – employees go to nature, where a buffet should take place, and change into costumes that correspond to the theme of the holiday.

An informal corporate party does not oblige to “look like a needle”, but the dress code is important to observe. You should have the appropriate equipment and a good mood.

Such events are held not only in an open area, but also in a club or cafe, that is, where you can maintain activity. Games, quests, competitions and dances contribute to the strengthening of relationships and subsequent fruitful work.

10 options to spend time with your team

So, we propose to consider the TOP ideas for a corporate party:

  1. Pirate party allows you to create a unique environment.
  2. Holiday in the style of your favorite movie or show program.
  3. Axe throwing for parties in a shooting gallery with interactive target technology.
  4. A quest adventure.
  5. Hawaiian party.
  6. Wild west with cowboys.
  7. Games and fun in an office decorated according to the theme.
  8. Best dressed contest and winning a quiz (suitable for a formal corporate party). 
  9. Company branding is a modern trend that unites the team, write and sing an anthem together that will become a hit of the firm

Such contests for the corporate party will create an environment of competition and fun, as well as attract the attention and interest of guests to the event.

Holding a corporate party requires careful monitoring of the event. It is important to ensure that all plans were completed on time and meet the expectations of employees.

After the event, it is required to analyze its results to identify strengths and weaknesses and determine possible improvements in the future. The choice of style depends on the goals and characteristics of the company.